A Full Day: Kitty Hawk, P.D.Q. Bach Christmas, Absolute Power, A Dog Farewell

Today is December 17, 2016, the 352nd day of the year.

On this day in 1903, Wilbur and Orville Wright made the first motorized flight at Kitty Hawk, N.C.



One of the more, ahem, unique composers is Peter Schickele, a.k.a. PDQ Bach. Schickele was a master of classical music parody in a variety of genres, including opera, symphonic works, choral writings. If the musical style has been conceived, Schickele made fun of it in some way. That includes the Christmas carol.

Peter Schickele

P.D.Q Bach wrote three Christmas Carols. Of all the works Bach wrote, these three are certainly three of them.

For your listening torture we have:

O Little Town of Hackensack 

O little town of Hackensack, How still we hear thee snore;

The snow-deck’d streets that reindeer feets Will soon be prancing o’re

Thy winsome children wond’ring if Old Santa Claus will show;

They need not fear;  methinks I hear His endless ho, ho, ho.

O little town of Hackensack, How yet we see thee lie;

St. Nick hath gone, by now he’s on His way to Tenafly.

Then gifts galore to Peapack and Secaucus will he bring;

He toucheth down in ev’ry town He doeth now his thing.


O little town of Hackensack, At last the dawn doth glow;

The sky is clear, no longer hear We Santa’s ho ho ho.

Wake up!  ’tis time to check out all The things you got, and then

To drink thy fill and eat until You’re back to sleep again.


Throw the Yule Log on Uncle John  

Throw the yule log on, Uncle John

Throw the yule log on Uncle John



Put the pickle down, Uncle John

Put the pickle down Uncle John



Ten o’clock on Christmas morn and all the guests are coming to the door;

Ten o’clock on Christmas morn and Uncle John’s already on the floor.

Though the weather’s bitter cold there’s not a frown to mar the festive mood;

Wait ’til they discover that old Uncle John has eaten all the food.

Hear the hall clock strike, Uncle John

Hear the hall clock strike Uncle John


Please, will you come to Uncle John?

Gather around poor Uncle John.

Please, will you come to Uncle John (the no-good good-for-nothing),

Oh, when will you come to Uncle John?

Oh, when will you come to, Uncle John?


Good King Kong 

Good King Kong looked out on his feet

And he saw that they were large.

“Ho, ho,” he said, “we go,” he said,

“To make some tracks in the snow,

Forsooth our feet are very large.”

Squinch, squinch, squinch.


Good King Kong looked out on his nose

And he saw that it was flat.

“Oh, no,” he said, “when we blow,” he said,

“The pitch must not be too low,

The royal nose must not be flat.”

Honk, honk, honk.


Good King Kong looked out on his ears

And his ears he could not see.

“Oh, dear,” he said, “it’s clear,” he said,

“We must see if we can hear,

Because our ears we cannot see.”

Hear, hear, hear.


Good King Kong looked up in the sky

And he saw St. Nick’s red sleigh;

“Ho, ho,” he said, “whadd’ya know,” he said,

“Will you look at that old guy go,” he said,

“Uh, oh, whoa, past us please do not go.

“Yell yells,” he said, “Ring the bells,” he said,

“Though a couple don’t work very well,

Let’s welcome St. Nick and his sleigh.”

Ding, dong, clunk.



There is much wailing and gnashing of teeth over the North Carolina General Assembly’s decision to enact laws that limit the power of governor-elect Roy Cooper to make appointments without the Assembly’s approval.

Honestly, I don’t know the particulars of the bill and I know sometimes these things get a bit blown out of proportion, depending on your political leanings. However, from what little I do know, I think back to the old adage: Absolute power corrupts absolutely.

I do wonder how wise it is for the Republican party to essentially block out all dissenting voices.



Many of you have seen the footage of a dog bidding farewell to its owner, as the man lay dying in his hospital bed. Here’s hoping other hospitals will follow suit in similar cases in the future.


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