A Full Day (1/2/17): Notes and Observations from the road, Prayers requests, and an NHL dream realized

“If you laugh, you think, and you cry, that’s a full day.” Jim Valvano

Today is January 2, 2017, the second day of the year.

On this day in 1906, William Carrier receives a patent in the U.S. for the world’s first air conditioner.


News and Observations from the road:
1) A few weeks ago, I’m in Winston-Salem just north of the Wake Forest campus to do a pickup. It’s pitch-black dark and as I wait, I turn my head to my left towards the house. I lowered my head to look over my glasses and I suddenly see this person run towards my door. I barely have enough time to say “Geez!” before this person runs into my car. Or, so I think. I then realize it was the reflection of my head moving in the window as I lowered my head to look over my glasses.
2) Have been enjoying the jazz stations on Sirius XM. Ella Fitzgerald, Lena Horne, Pearl Bailey were all fine jazz singers,but for me, the sweet voice of Billie Holiday is at the top all day and every way.
2a) glad to see the Christmas music is gone, because nothing conjures up the magic of the holiday like Perry Como singing the word “Mommy” in “I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus”
3) We’ve all seen businesses – especially restaurants – come up with a beautiful, flowery foreign name, so as to lend a extra touch of class to the place.

With that in mind, if you were to hear of a restaurant called “BABES”, what would be your sight-unseen impression of the place be? I asked this of my wife and her response was, “Kind of like a Hooters.”

“Exactly”, was my response.

But, call it “I Bambini” and we have an classy, Italian restaurant in Mooresville.

4) Once in a while I’ll see the “How am I driving?” bumper stickers. Now, when you see these bumper stickers, you don’t get the tone of voice with it.

I KNOW what the bumper sticker is supposed to mean, but inflect the words differently. Example: with a quizzical tone, say, “HOW am I DRIVE-ing?” When you watch some people drive, you really do ask the question, “How ARE they driving?”

5) Seen during the pregame traffic at the Belk Bowl – a game between the Virginia Tech Hokies and the Arkansas Razorbacks: A Virginia license plate with “ARK HOG”

6) As seen in an Asheville shop on Friday: Do these beads make my butt look big?

7) If you drive up to a Waffle House for a meal during a slow time, and your cook is not outside smoking a cigarette, you don’t want it.

8) Friday night at a Waffle House in Asheville, I hear the mid-80s song “Take on Me” by a-ha. In the booth next to me, I see an old woman who is singing along. I think, “It’s cool this old woman knows this song from when I was growing up”….. pause….. Oh yeah.

9) I’m taking a person traveling home Friday night from Asheville at 2:15 a.m. and he chooses to sit in the back, passenger side seat. It’s clear he’s had a tough night and he just wants to get home.

If you’re not familiar with Asheville, as I get onto I-240 West from Broadway traveling north from downtown, the on ramp is about a 270 degree loop to the right. As I take the loop, I see in my rear view mirror a body that had gone limp and is now falling like a tower to his left and crashes into the seat. This cat was out cold.

10) Nothing says tacky Christmas decoration like Santa riding an large inflatable Elephant wearing an Alabama cap. #Rolltide

11) New Year’s Eve night: Two girls in their mid-20s get into the back seat. We begin making small talk and I ask the question, “Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?”

“No”, they both answer.

“How about you,” one asks.

“To gossip less about my passengers,” I responded.



“God accepts our desires as though they were of great value. He longs ardently for us to desire and love him. He accepts our petitions for benefits as though we were doing him a favor. His joy in giving is greater than ours in receiving. So let us not be apathetic in our asking, nor set too narrow bounds to our requests; nor ask for frivolous things unworthy of God’s greatness.” – St. Gregory Nazianzen


Through unfortunate circumstances, Jorge Alves, an equipment manager with the Carolina Hurricanes hockey club, got to live out a dream – to play in an NHL game.



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